About us

Cecile Carlou
Appreciative Viking Coach

” Viking. With dual Franco-Norwegian nationality, I am passionate about multiculturalism (between profiles, departments or nationalities). After having worked with many nationalities over 20 years, I know that if I had been guided on this subject as the manager of an international team, we would have been more efficient and we would have had more fun.

Destination. Like a viking, I am convinced that we can only conquer new markets if we have a destination, a vision, and if we give a sense of purpose to our teams.

Appreciative, my approach is based above all on the strengths and successes of your company and the development of your employees.”

A strong international business culture and 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and business management.

Creative, innovative, and curious, she is recognized for her ability to cultivate teams from different backgrounds and nationalities.

As a professional coach, she has also been trained in various support methods including the IFAI’s Appreciative Inquiry model and continues to be open to new innovative and efficient methods every day.


Our team of experts

We work in collaboration with certified coaches who share our values, our curiosity and creativity.
The goal: to collaborate with experts, to be agile, and to address your needs in the most appropriate and creative way.

They talk about it better than we do

Our references come from different backgrounds and have different needs, but they all have one thing in common: they are passionate about their business and respect their teams

"The coaching gave me a better understanding of how my different colleagues of different nationalities functioned and how they interacted. I also gained perspective on my skills and expectations."

Marketing Director

"I recommend Cécile's coaching on how to accompany your teams in a transformation process. During the seminar, she was able to show us the way to a desired future.

Managing Director

"A relaxed, innovative workshop, generating ideas and courses of action for the success of our project which also developed team cohesion."

Managing Director