Training workshops

WHY: Whole new worlds for your team

How many times have you heard “The marketing department does not get along with production,” or “the French don’t understand Americans at all”?
How do you adapt your remote management? Are your meetings efficient and dynamic?

Share in our experience to help you grow and find new solutions together.

Ateliers de formation

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”



Ateliers de formation


Manage or work in a multicultural team

Using existing cultural models, we give insights on how to adapt to each profile, each department, each nationality. Overcome stereotypes and beliefs, define a new mode of interaction and communication, develop working methods and project management. Find effective cooperation while having fun.

Develop your appreciative leadership

Change your posture, develop your listening skills, enhance your employees' strengths and help them grow using the principles of appreciative exploration or appreciative inquiry, a positive solutions approach that boosts energy. Manage your teams remotely, capitalizing on and adapting existing practices, and establish new individual and team rituals.

Start with your WHY, your raison d'être

Inspired by Simon Sinek's concept, Start with WHY, a simple, inspiring and human concept. Aside from the PACTE law, your WHY, your raison d'être, gives your business meaning, connects your employees and guides their actions. It builds attachment and loyalty in your clients and partners; it gets your employees on board with your vision and opens up a new method of management.

Tailor-made for you

Depending on your areas of concern and our expertise, together we can build a training workshop that is completely adapted to your needs.


Face-to-face or remotely


Bring together your culture, your business challenges, your areas of concern, and your environment


We will design a tailor-made training workshop for you, according to the profile and number of your employees. It will address your problem, capitalizing on your strengths and successes


Each workshop is above all interactive, with different sequences and times for discussion and co-construction


Evaluate and monitor the progress of your employees